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Disabling SSL certificate verification for Git/Egit/etc

If you find you cannot connect to then it's probable that your client is having problem with the repository's SSL certificate. That means you'll need to disable SSL cert verification for your git client.

Disabling SSL on the command line git

To do this for the git command line client, you should set : GIT_SSL_NO_VERIFY=1 in your environment when you access the jalview git repository. e.g. : GIT_SSL_NO_VERIFY=1 git clone

Disabling SSL for EGit

For accessing the repository via the Eclipse EGit plugin :

  1. first install EGit - the Eclipse GIT plugin (should also install the JGit java git implementation).
  2. Disable SSL certificate checking by either:
a. Navigate to the Team->Git configuration in eclipse preferences and click the 'New entry...' button. Enter 'http.sslVerify' in the Name

field, and 'false' in the value field.

Press the 'Open' button to open the git config file, and add the lines (note spaces before sslVerify):
      sslVerify = false
  1. Check you can access and clone the repository by using the Git repository explorer perspective. Remember to use as the repository URL.