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Jump to: navigation, search is the Jalview JIRA issue tracker, which is provided to us through a free license from [Atlassian].

Improvements to JIRA workflow

  1. Release targeting for patches. At any one time there are several releases in play:
Release tags
current stable
The current branch available on the Jalview website.
The next release which is is in alpha/beta.
The development branch build.
  1. New issues need to be assessed and targeted to a release before anyone should start coding.
  • Bugs and feature requests should be verified and prioritised as:
    These are critical patches and minor fixes that cause minimal disruption. They are worked on as branches from the current release that, if necessary, are merged onto other release branches as needed.
    are more major patches and new features that change the users experience, and affect compatibility with previous releases in some way (ie require a change in semantic version number due to file format or API change). They are worked on as forks from the nextrelease branch and would normally be merged onto the development branch.
    these are substantial work packages that involve concerted design and development effort, and introduce major changes to the system (ie creation of a new release series due to API and project/datamodel change).
    these are experimental/ad-hoc patches to experiment with new approaches/concepts. Any code produced may or may not end up in a future Jalview release, but creating them should inform the design and development of future Jalview releases.
  1. Developers *MUST* assign a bug/issue to themselves before they start working on it.